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AC 3 Phase Mid Power SPEC Pak

AC 3 Phase Mid Power SPEC Pak®

Our 5 Position Mid Power SPEC Pak connector is the newest addition to our sealed SPEC Pak line. The compact pin and socket design has power handling capabilities 30% greater than the comparable IEC 60309 connector and is 50% smaller in size.

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SBS® Mini DC Power Connector

SBS® Mini, the smallest DC power connector in the legendary SB® product group. The connector securely holds two (2) crimp and poke contacts with sacrificial tips enabling hot swap capabilities on DC circuits, an easy to grip housing and color-coded mechanical keys.

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SB® Environmental Boots

The IP64 rated durable soft shell Environmental Boot shields the SB® connectors from water and dirt in both the mated and unmated condition when the integral cover is used.

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Saf-D-Grid® DC Power Technology

Saf-D-Grid® is a connector system for use in the direct connection of DC electronic devices to a DC micro-grid powered by renewable energy or high efficiency DC sources. The connector meets international safety requirements for hazardous, low voltage applications including UL 950 and IEC 60950.

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SPEC Pak® Environmental Connector

SPEC Pak® is a highly configurable, rugged, environmentally sealed family of connectors. The IP68 shell conforms to industry standards for flammability and weather-ability. The core contact technology housed within the SPEC Pak® shell, the Powerpole®, has been proven reliable for more than 50 years.

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