Saf-D-Grid® 300 - AC

  • 140% More Power Than IEC 60320 C13/14
  • Same Space As IEC 60320 C13/14
  • Higher Operating Temperature Than C13/14
  • Integral Push Button Latch

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Saf-D-Grid® 300 is designed specifically for single-phase AC applications requiring higher voltages, smaller size, and expanded current carrying capability. Performance up to 30A, 300V is achieved by using the same silver-plated, pure copper contact system and durable thermoplastic insulators as the original Saf-D-Grid for 400V DC. All Saf-D-Grid receptacles fit within the same panel cutout as IEC 60320 C13 / C14 connectors.


30A capability on #10 AWG cable expands the power handling to 140% of comparably sized IEC connectors, in a size 80% smaller than NEMA connectors with similar power handling capabilities. Saf-D-Grid also offers an operating temperature up to 80˚C which is greater than IEC or NEMA connectors which are limited by use of brass contacts. The 120 ˚C receptacle is constructed of high temperature glass-filled nylon making it ideal for power supplies where the hot exhaust is directed onto the power inlet connector.


Both the plug and receptacle side are touch-safe to maximize operator safety at hazardous voltages. Mechanical keys differentiate source from load sides preventing accidental short circuits from plugging both cable ends into the power source. The integral latch on the plug housing prevents accidental disconnect of power without the need for added accessories such as metal bail latches or hook & loop fabric straps. An optional ground-tied shield is available to minimize the EMI profile of power supplies.


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Voltage (AC/DC)  
   • UL 1977 / CSA 22.2 600
Current Rating (Amperes) 30
Wire Range (AWG) #10 to #18
                     (mm²) 6.0 to 0.75 
Hot Plug Rated  
   • 250 cycles 400V @ 440A in-rush
   • 250 cycles (UL) 300V @ 30A load
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 3,300
Operating Temperature Plug -20° to 80°C
                                      -4° to 176°F
Operating Temperature Receptacle -20° to 140°C
                                      -4° to 284°F
Fault Current Withstand  
    •UL 467 14 AWG, 300A, 4 Sec.
Shield Ground Impedance  
    •UL 1977 Pass
Contact Retention  20 lbf
                             89 N
Plug Latch Retention  20 lbf
                                  89 N
Panel Latch Retention  60 lbf 
                                   267 N
Durability 5,000 cycles - no load
Creep & Clearance per UL & IEC 60950  
Between live parts of different polarity,  
earthing circuit and the mating surface. 7.0 mm
Mechanical Shock A  
IEC 60512-4-6C 50g’s
Vibration, High Frequency A  
IEC 60512-4-6d 20g’s
IEC 60529 IP20
   • Hi Temp Nylon + 30% GF, UL94 V-0, Halogen Free
   • Polycarbonate UL94 V-0  
Springs Stainless Steel
Contacts Copper, Silver Plate
Shield Tin Plated Steel
Cable / Strain Relief Thermoplastic UL94 V-2
A Tested on similar contact systems in Saf-D-Grid® 400.



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