Saf-D-Grid® Family


  • Touch Safe
  • Arcing Protection
  • Hot Plug Rated
  • First Mate, Last Break Ground Contact
  • Integral Latch


Saf-D-Grid® is a drop in replacement for IEC 60320 C13 & C14 connectors where higher performance is required. It was specifically designed to meet the rigorous needs of higher voltage distribution (380V DC or 277V AC) in information technology or telecom central office equipment. However, the high performance attributes of higher current, higher voltage and higher temperature make it the ideal connection solution for a wide array of applications.

Saf-D-Grid® 400 is the original version introduced with 400V DC hot swap capability up to 30A. Although it boasts DC polarity markings, it is UL and IEC rated for both AC and DC up to 600V, or 400V when being used to disconnect live circuits.

Saf-D-Grid® 300 uses the same proven contact system as the 400 series but is specifically designed for AC applications. It features unique AC keys to prevent cross mating with 400 series DC connections. Also, there are separate color coding and mechanical keys to differentiate the source from the load.

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