SB®175 - up to 280 Amps

  • Low Resistance Silver or Tin Plated Copper Contacts
  • UL Rated for Hot Plugging up to 100 Amps
  • Wire, PCB, and Busbar Contacts



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Current Rating Amperes¹ UL 1977 CSA
Wire to Wire (1/0 AWG) 280 175
Wire to Busbar (1/0 AWG) 200  
3 Pole Wire to Wire (1/0 AWG) 175  
Voltage Rating AC/DC    
UL 1977 600  
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage    
Volts AC 2,200  
Avg. Mated Contact Resistance Milliohms¹    
6" of 1/0 AWG wire 0.100  
UL Hot Plug Current Rating Amperes - Wire & Busbar    
250 cycles at 120V DC 1/0 wire 100A  
Wire Size Range AWG mm²
Wire Contacts with Bushings 12 to 1/0 3.3 to 53.5
Max. Wire Insulation Diameter in. mm
  0.600 15.240
Operating Temperature² °F °C
Standard -4° to 221° -20° to 105°
Chemical Resistant -40 to 221° -40° to 105°
Mating Cycles No Load by Plating Silver (Ag)  
Wire and Busbar  Contacts 10,000  
Avg. Mating / Unmating Force Lbf. N
2 Pole 25 111
3 Pole 35 156
Min. Contact / Spring Retention Force    
lbf. 150  
N 667  
Mechanical Shock 4    
MIL-STD-202 213 Condition A 50g's
Vibration High Frequency 4    
MIL-STD-202 204 Condition A 10g's
Touch Safety with Wire Contacts    
IEC 60529 IP10  
Environmental Sealing with Boots    
IEC 60529 IP64  
Standard Plastic Resin Polycarbonate  
Chem. Resistant Resin Polycarbonate / PBT blend  
Contact Retention Spring Stainless Steel  
Housing Flammability Rating    
UL94 V-0  
Wire & Busbar Contacts    
Base Copper Alloy  
Plating Silver  
Contact Termination Methods    
Crimp³ Wire Contacts  
Hand Solder Wire Contacts  
Wrench / Socket Busbar Contacts  


1 - Based on: 105°C rated or better cable of the largest size. Properly calibrated APP® 
      recommended tooling, and a 25°C ambient temperature. UL rating not to exceed the 
      maximum operating temperature. CSA rating below a 30°C temperature rise.
2 - Limited by the thermal properties of the connector plastic housing.
3 - Use APP® recommended tooling only. Alternate tools may adversely affect the 
      performance of our connectors along with UL and CSA recognition.
4 - Tested with contact part number 1382.


Instructions & Tooling

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Assembly Instructions

SB Connector Assembly Instructions for SB50, SB120, SB175, SB350

SB Three-Pole Connector Assembly Instructions for SB175

Bus Bar Assembly Instructions for PP75/PP180/SB50/SB120/SB175/SB350

SB Environmental Boot Assembly Instructions


Wire Size Loose Piece Part Numbers   Loose Piece Contact Crimp Tools
AWG mm² Silver Plating   Hand Tool OR Pneumatic Bench Tool + Die + Locator Number of Crimps
SB® 175 Losse Piece Flat Wiping
1/0 53.5 1382  


1368 Series












#1 42.4 1347
#2 33.6 1383
#4 21.1 1384
#6 13.3 1348 1387G1 1388G4 1389G3 Single


1368 Hydraulic Crimp Tool Crimp Instructions

1387G1 & 1387G2, Pneumatic Crimp Tool

Crimp Specification for SB175 & SB2/0 Contacts


Application Tooling Page

Wire Gauge Conversion Chart from AWG to MM²

Performance Charts

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