SB Environmental Boots

  • Totally Protected Against Dust Ingress
  • 360° Protected Against Water Ingress
  • Resistant to UV, Roadway Chemical and Ozone
  • Splash Resistant Mated and Unmated When the Integral Cover is Used
  • Customized Boots to Fit Your AWG or MM² Wires
  • For Use With SB50, SB120 & SB175 Connectors


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SB Environmental Boot Data Sheet


SB® Environmental Boots enable use of the proven SB® connectors in unprotected outdoor or industrial applications. Chemical and UV resistant thick rubber enclosures shield the SB® connectors from water and dust to IP64 while mated or unmated. The added insulation further protects the user from electric shock and maintains the designed reliability and safety of Anderson Power Products SB® connectors. A unique integrated cover design prevents debris from collecting in the covers when the connectors are mated. AWG and metric markings on the boots allow easy installation for a broad range of wire sizes. SB® Environmental Boots are ideal for many applications including: generators, Telecom battery backup, industrial trucks, bus and coach, construction, road maintenance, off road, farm and agriculture equipment.


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Current Rating Amperes UL 1977 CSA
  • SB®50 120 50
  • SB®120 240 130
  • SB®175 280 175
Environmental Protection    
  • SB®50, SB®120 and SB®175 IP64  
Wire Size Range AWG mm²
  • SB®50 16 to 6 1.3 to 13.3
  • SB®120 10 to 1 5.3 to 42.4
  • SB®175 12 to 1/0 3.3 to 53.5
Operating Temperature F C
  • SB® Connector Housing -4° to 221° 20° to 105°
  • SB® Connector Housing (CR)* -40° to 221° -40° to 105°
  • SB® Environmental Boot -40° to 275° -40° to 135°
Mating Cycles Connector in Boot
  • SB®50 1,500  
  • SB®120 1,500  
  • SB®175 1,500  
MATERIALS - SB®50, SB®120 and SB®175    
• SB® Connector Housing PC  
  • SB® Connector Housing (CR) * PC/PBT  
  • SB® Environmental Boot TPE  
Flammability Rating    
  • UL94 V0  
UV and Ozone Resistant Yes  

* Chemical Resistant Series



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