SBE®160 / SBX®175 - up to 175 Amps

  • Touch Safe Interface
  • Up to 8 Last Mate / First Break Auxiliary Contacts
  • Color-coded Mechanical Voltage Keys



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Current Rating Amperes¹ SBX175 SBE160
Primary Power (6 AWG) 1/0 160
Powerpole® Auxiliary (12 AWG) 20 20
1x4 Auxiliary (12 AWG) 20 20
PPMX Auxiliary (20 AWG) 7 UL 5 CSA
Voltage Rating AC/DC UL 1977 EN1175-1
Primary Power 600 150 4
Powerpole® Auxiliary 600 150 4
1x4 Auxiliary 200  
PPMX Auxiliary 300  
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Primary Power    
Volts AC 2,200  
Avg. Mated Contact Resistance Milliohms¹    
6” of 1/0 AWG wire 0.100  
UL Hot Plug Current Rating Amperes - 250 cycles at 120V DC  
Power 75A  
Powerpole® Auxiliary 30A  
1x4 Auxiliary 5A  
Wire Size Range AWG mm²
Power Contacts 10 to 1/0 5.3 to 53.3
Auxiliary Contacts 24 to 10 0.25 to 5.3
Max. Wire Insulation Diameter in. mm²
Power Contacts 0.440 11.200
Powerpole® Auxiliary 0.175 4.450
1x4 Auxiliary 0.140 3.600
Operating Temperature² °F °C
SBX® and SBE® Housings -4° to 221° -20° to 105°
Mating Cycles No Load by Plating Silver (Ag) Gold (Au)
Power Contacts 10,000  
Powerpole® Auxiliary 10,000  
1x4 Auxiliary   10,000
PPMX Auxiliary   5,000
Avg. Mating / Unmating Force Lbf. N
Main Connnector Housing 30 134
Per Powerpole® 5.00 22.00
Per Contact in 1x4 Auxiliary 0.70 3.00
Per PPMX Housing 4.50 20.00
Min. Contact / Spring Retention Force Lbf. N
Power Standard Housing 120 533.7
Powerpole® Housing 25 111
1x4 Auxiliary Housing 10 44.5
PPMX Housing 12 53
Touch Safety with Connector Housing    
IEC 60950 SBE®160 Only Pass  
IEC 60529 SBX®175 Only IP20  
SBX® and Powerpole® Plastic Resin Polycarbonate   
SBE® and 1x4 Auxiliary Housing Polycarbonate / PBT blend  
Contact Retention Spring Stainless Steel  
Housing Flammability Rating    
UL94 V-0  
Power & Powerpole® Contact Silver Plated Copper Alloy  
1x4 Auxiliary Contacts    
Pin Copper alloy, Au over Ni  
Socket BeCu, Au over Ni  
Socket Body Copper alloy, Sn bright over Ni
Retention Clip Stainless Steel  
PPMX Contacts Gold Platead Copper Alloy  
Contact Termination Methods    
Hand Solder    


1 - Based on: 105°C rated or better cable of the largest size. Properly calibrated APP® 
      recommended tooling, and a 25°C ambient temperature. UL rating not to exceed
      the maximum operating temperature. CSA rating below a 30°C temperature rise.
2 - Limited by the thermal properties of the connector plastic housing.
3 - Use APP® recommended tooling only. Alternate tools may adversely affect the 
      performance of our connectors along with UL and CSA recognition.
4 - Voltage capability of SBE® housing is identical to SBX®, but derated to meet EN1175-1 



Instructions & Tooling

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Assembly Instructions

SBE/SBX Series Assembly Instructions

PowerMod Contact Assembly Instructions

PowerMod Contact Insertion Inspection Tool Assembly Instructions

PPMX Connector for SBE160/SBX175 Assembly Instructions

PPMX Crimp Instructions, PM1000G1 Tool


SBE 160 / SBX 175
Wire Size Part Numbers Loose Piece Contact Crimp Tools
AWG mm² Contacts Pneumatic Bench Tool + Die + Locator Number of Crimps OR Hand Tool
SBE 160 / SBX 175 Power Contacts
1/0 AWG 53.5 6384G1 1387G2   1303G2   1304G13 Single   1368 Series
1387G1 1388G3 1389G3
#2 35 mm² 6384G2
1387G2 1303G2 1304G13
Powerpole 15/45 Auxiliary Contacts**
#16 / 20 1.3 / 0.52 1332 1367G1   N/A   N/A Single   1309G2 or1309G8*
#12 / 16 3.3 / 1.3 1331
PowerMod 1x4 Auxiliary Contacts
#12 / 24 2.5 / 0.25 All Crimp Pins TP0001*   N/A   TL0001 Single   TM0001* or PM1000G1
All Crimp Sockets TL0002
PPMX Auxiliary Contacts
#20 / 24 0.50 / 0.25 4803G3 TP0001*   N/A   TL0005 Single   TM0001* or PM1000G1
*TP0001 and TM0001 tools require locators TL0001 for Pins and TL0002 for Sockets
**See Powerpole® family tooling chart for other Powerpole® contacts
*1309G8 is a tool kit containing 1 tool frame with the appropriate dies and locators to make the 1309G2, 1309G3, and 1309G6 tools.
Insetion/Extraction Tool for PP15/45 Contacts= 111038G2
Insertion Tool for 1x4 Auxilliary Contacts = PM1002G1
Extraction Tool for 1x4 Auxilliary Contacts = PM1003G1


1368 Hydraulic Crimp Tool Crimp Instructions

1387G1 & 1387G2, Pneumatic Crimp Tool

PM1003G1, PowerMod Contact Extraction Tool

PM1002G1, PowerMod Contact Insertion Tool

PM1003GX, PowerMod Contact Insertion Inspection Tool

PM1000G1, 4 Indent Crimp Tool Instructions

TP0001, Pneumatic Crimp Tool

TM0001 (MIL-DTL-225201), Hand Crimp Tool

969P1, SBE160/SBX175 Extraction Tool

Crimp Specification for SBE160/SBX175 Contacts

Crimp Specification for PowerMod Contacts

Crimp Specification for PP15/45 Series Contacts


Application Tooling Page

Wire Gauge Conversion Chart from AWG to MM²

Performance Charts

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