5 Position Mid Power SPEC Pak®- up to 60 Amps

5 Pole Mid Power SPEC Pak® is a rugged and environmentally sealed connector for up to 60 amps and 600 volts. A secure & sealed alternative to NEMA and IEC three phase AC connections with improved power density and higher operating temperature. UV and chemical resistant shells, secure push button metal latch, and sealing nut with anti-rotation feature keep your connection clean, dry, & secure. Touch safe female side holds socket contacts with redundant points of contact to ensure realiability. Crimp termination contacts assemble into a densely packed form that is as little as half the size of the 30A/32A NEMA & IEC products.

  • More Power & Less Space than IEC 60309 and NEMA Equivalents
  • High Operating Temperature Capability (105˚ C, 221˚ F)
  • IP68 Environmentally Sealed Shells, UV & Chemical Resistant
  • Push Button Metal Latch Is Simple & Secure



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Current Rating (Amperes) UL 1977 CSA
   10 AWG  45 30
   8 AWG 60 40
Voltage Rating     
   UL 1977 (AC/DC) 600  
   UL 2238, Sec 37.8 Pass   
Contact Resistance (average) .300 Milliohms  
Environmental Seal    
   IEC 60529 IP 68  
   UL 50E Pass  
Wire Size  10 to 8 AWG  
  6.0 to 8.4 mm²  
Operating Temperature (˚C)    
   UL 1977 -40° to 105°C  
  -40˚ to 221˚F  
Mating Cycles (no load) 250 min  
Mating Force (nominal) 28 lbf  
  125 N  
Unmating Force 12 lbf  
  53 N  
Contact Retention Force (min) 50 lbf  
  222 N  
Touch Safe (IEC 60529) IP 20 (Socket Side Only)
Shell, Housing & Sealing Nut PC / PBT  
Contact Holders PBT-GF  
Contact Retention Clip Be-Cu  
Latch Stainless Steel  
Flammability (UL 94) V-0  
Weatherability (UL 764C) F1  
Sockets Copper   
   SC08-GH  Ag plating over Ni
   SC08-SN Ag plating over Ni
Pins  Copper   
   PP08SGH Ag plating over Ni
   PC08SSN Ag plating over Ni
Silver = Ag     Gold = Au     Nickel = Ni  


Instructions & Tooling

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Assembly Instructions

5 Position Mid Power SPEC Pak® Plug (Pin) Assembly Instructions

5 Position Mid Power SPEC Pak® Panel Mount Receptacle (Socket) Assembly Instructions

5 Position Mid Power SPEC Pak® In-Line Receptacle (Socket) Assembly Instructions


Wire Size  Part Number  Crimp Tools 
                    Daniels Mfg Tool *
AWG MM² Power Contacts Description Pneumatic Bench Tool + Die + Locator OR Tool Die Locator
#8/10 8.4/6.0 SC08-GH POWER DRAWER CONT.#8 SOC.CRIMP, Hot Plug









  M22520/23-01  M22520/23-2 M22520/23-9
#8/10 8.4/6.0 SC08-SN POWER DRAWER CONT.#8 SOC.CRIMP M22520/23-01  M22520/23-2 M22520/23-9
#8/10 8.4/6.0 PP08SGH POWER DRAWER CONT.#8 PIN CRIMP, HOT Plug M22520/23-01  M22520/23-2 M22520/23-9
#8/10 8.4/6.0 PC08SSN POWER DRAWER CONT.#8 PIN,CRIMP,STD.MATE M22520/23-01  M22520/23-2 M22520/23-9


*Must contact Daniels directly for this tooling option, www.dmctools.com


Performance Charts


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