Application Tooling

Why Use of APP® Recommended Crimp Tooling is so Important

APP® connectors are designed to achieve the highest levels of durability, reliability, and performance as shown on the connector data sheets. Crimp tooling is a critical link between the designed performance of an APP® connector and the realization of that performance by our customers.

As part of the connector design and testing process, APP® recommends a limited number of crimp solutions that have proven to deliver the intended connector performance in a process that is repeatable. Only these solutions tested by APP® are listed in the conditions of acceptability from safety agencies such as UL, CSA, and TUV.

Use of tooling solutions not tested by APP® can affect not only performance but safety agency approvals. Problems attributable to use of tools not recommended by APP® include:

Electrical and Thermal

  • High electrical resistance
  • Failure to realize designed current and voltage carrying capability
  • Overheating
  • Melting of connector housings


  • Contacts not able to fit inside connector housings.
  • Contacts not seated properly in connector housings causing: shorts, intermittent circuits, abnormally high or low mating and unmating force, & low retention force of the contact in the housing.

Tooling Literature

APP Crimp Tooling Overview

Preventative Maintenance

Wire Gauge Conversion Chart from AWG to MM²


  **NOTE: Tooling information for specific products can be found on the product data sheets.


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