1368-NL- Hydraulic Crimp Tool

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Hydraulic Hand Tool without turret locator for contacts from 4 awg to 4/0 and 300mcm Also found in: /ABC 160/ABC 320/ABC 80/EBC 160/EBC 320/EBC 80/Power Mod HP A/Power Mod HP B/Powerpole® 120/Powerpole® 180/SB 120/SB 175/SB 350/SBE 160/SBX 175/SBE 320/SBX 3
  • The dieless 4 indent head crimps full cycle until a minimum hydraulic pressure is reached.
  • Good for crimping nearly all APP® contacts for wire sizes #4 – 4/0, 300mcm.
  • The dieless system offers a highly flexible crimping system that does not require the purchase of separate dies and locators.
  • Pressure based crimp depth allows these tools to be adapted to a broad range of large wire crimping needs including lugs, ring terminals, and splices.
  • Manufactured by DMC to APP® specifications, this 4 indent head with attached manual hydraulic pump offers the same crimping performance as the 1368, but with the cost savings of not having a custom turret locator./li>
  • Includes black plastic carrying case.
  • Use for contacts in the following connector series: PowerMod® HP, Euro Battery, SBE®, SBX®, SB®, and Powerpole®.
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