Powerpole® 75 Silver Plated Wire Contacts #12/10 AWG, Low Mating Force

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Silver plated contacts offer the best electrical performance and durability up to 10,000 mating cycles. See reducing bushings in accessory section for smaller wires. Also found in: /Powerpole® 75/SB 50
  • PP75 series Powerpole® housings can be used for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and wire-to-busbar applications.
  • Wire sizes from #16 AWG (1.3 mm²) to #6 (13.3 mm²) offer power capabilities up to 120 amps per pole.
  • Locking housings offer the capability to secure Powerpole® housings to each other and to mounting pads.
  • Housings made from chemical resistant (CR) resin withstand industrial solvents better than standard housings.
  • Large Wire Range Accommodates up to #6 (10mm²) Wire Reducing bushings allow as small as #16 (1.5 mm²) wire to be used
  • Wire, PCB, and Busbar Contacts Allows one connection system to meet multiple needs
  • Mini-Powerclaw PCB Contacts Minimize PCB Footprint Removes the PP75 housing from the board side
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