SBS®75G Silver Plated Pre-Mate Wire Contacts #12/10 AWG

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Pre-Mate contacts are for the center Pre-Mate position on the SBS®75G wire housings. See reducing bushings in accessory section for smaller wires. AWG 12-10 | 2.5-6 mm²
  • The patented SBS® connector family is designed toprovide high power in a compact ergonomic housing with protection against accidental contact with live circuits.This is of particular importance in applications where DC voltages exceed 30 volts and can be healththreatening.
  • Wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations bothprovide power contacts rated up to 110 amps. TheSBS®75X offers up to 4 mate-last break-first auxiliarypower / signal contacts rated up to 20 amps. TheSBS®75G features a third first-mate last-break groundor power contact. All contact positions are rated forcircuit interruption (hot plugging).
  • Touch Safe Interface
  • Can safely be used in through panel applications
  • Minimizes potential contact with live circuits per IEC 60950
  • Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board Configurations
  • Allows one connector to meet multiple needs
  • Ground or Auxiliary Positions Integrated into the One Piece Housing
  • Meets all connection requirements in one compact connector housing
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