Do not get caught without your boots on!

Our SB® Environmental Boots protect SB® connectors in outdoor or industrial applications. The thick rubber connector boots are chemical and UV resistant.  They shield the SB® connectors from water and dust while mated or unmated to IP64. This environmental protection maintains the designed reliability and safety of Anderson Power Products SB® connectors.  The added insulation further protects the end user from electric shock by covering wire insulation creep. SB® Environmental Boots are easy to install with a broad range of wire sizes by simply cutting at the appropriate AWG and metric markings on the boots.  We can even customize our Boots to fit your wires.


Have you ever wondered what exactly IP64 means?

I know we are always mentioning acronyms to each other, but how often do we really explain what they mean. Let us dive into what IP64 means! Ingress Protection (IP) rating classifies the degrees of protection provided against solids and liquids. This allows us to provide more than just words like “water resistant”.


The first digit stands for the level of protection against hazardous parts and ingress of solid foreign object.


Our SB® Environmental Boots are at a level six (out of six), which is a complete protection against contact and no ingress of dust.


The second digit represent the protection level against ingress of water.


Our SB® Environmental Boots are at a level four (out of eight), which protects against splashing water from any direction.


What are some applications for SB® Environmental Boots?

Ideal applications include generators, industrial trucks, telecom battery backup, buses, road construction & maintenance vehicles, off road equipment, and agriculture equipment.


To recap you can conquer the elements and extend the life of your SB® connector with these SB® Environmental Boots attributes:

  • Water Resistant IP64 Rated Design
  • Protect Against Corrosion & UV
  • Restrict Dust & Debris Damage
  • Durable Thick Rubber Insulation
  • Maintain Connector Reliability & Safety
  • Mountable and Easy to Use

Do not forget to put your boots on! You can have the best SB® connector protection at the best value. Preserve your investment and get the support and pricing you need.  Now here are some helpful links:


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We hope you enjoyed learning about our SB® Environmental Boots and the IP64 rating.  If you would like more information, please contact our Technical Support.


Christina Piselli
Marketing Operations Specialist
Anderson Power Products

Pictured above: SB® Enviromental Boots in snow