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Double Stack Manual Assist Brackets for SBE320 / SBX350 and DIN E320 and A Series

Anderson Power Products (APP), a leader in the design and manufacture of interconnect solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the Double Stack Manual Assist Brackets. The industry trend towards fast and opportunity charging has created a requirement for charging amperages that exceed the levels typically required (over 500 amps). This amperage often exceeds the capability of standard connectors and wires. The new Double Stack Manual Assist Brackets provide a safe and cost-effective solution enabling higher amperage levels by facilitating parallel connections. The brackets use standard connectors that accommodate less expensive, smaller diameter and more flexible wires. The frames ensure connector alignment and provide the ability to mount the truck/charger bracket assembly. The brackets include an ergonomic handle that reduces the operator effort required for mating and un-mating the connectors. This ensures complete engagement of mated pairs reducing the possibility of shorts or disconnects.


Learn more about SBE320/SBX350 here.


About Anderson Power Products 

Anderson Power Products is a leader in developing high quality, low cost, power interconnect solutions for several industries, including: Back Up Power Systems, Electrical Recreational Vehicles, Ups Systems, Telecommunications, High Technology Devices and Alternative Energy Solutions. Headquartered in Sterling, MA, Anderson Power Product’s facility is ISO 9001 certified and uses automated manufacturing to offer uncompromising quality. In addition, APP operates a distribution and assembly facility in Warrington, England to provide support for our European customers, as well as Asia Pacific facilities: Shenzhen, China (manufacturing, sales, and distribution), Shatin N.T., Hong Kong, and Haryana, India (sales and distribution). APP connectors are available through an authorized global distributor network or direct from the factory.