Anderson Power has led the connector industry in the development of DC power connection solutions since the introduction of the SB® electrical connector in 1953

Get Power Where it's Needed in Your Data Center

Anderson Power technology is the industry’s  best connection for superior power performance in the data center – whether supporting a single rack in office or a hyperscale data center. Anderson provides the performance and reliability to support efficient design and consistent operation.

Why Anderson Power?


Anderson can help get Power where it’s needed in the data center with connector solutions for Busways, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Power Distribution Units, and Power Supply Units. It doesn’t matter whether it’s coming through direct or alternating current. Anderson’s power interconnect solutions give the designer the flexibility to incorporate a variety of redundant and alternative sources. As always power density is king. Anderson can deliver that power in a footprint that saves precious space.

"Anderson can deliver that power in a footprint that saves precious space."

Carrying Power to the Cloud

  • Main PDU Output
  • Busway
  • Rack PDU Input

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  • PDU Input
  • Rack PDU Output
  • PSU Input

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  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

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Saf-D-Grid® Product Features


System Compatibility

  • Innovative connector meets footprint of standard IEC 60320 C14



  • Unlike IEC 60320 connectors, Saf-D-Grid connectors are touch safe for both the plug and the receptacle
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate or nylon material
  • Rated for disconnect, both AC and DC



  • Reliable operation between –40°C and 105°C
  • Saf-D-Grid connectors have an integrated active latch


Higher Voltage Ratings With Hot Plugging

  • Saf-D-Grid is rated up to 600V (400V hot plug) for AC AND DC applications


Increased Power Density

  • Saf-D-Grid connectors are rated to carry 1.4x more current and 1.6x the voltage than the standard IEC 60320 C20 connector within the same footprint of an IEC 60320 C14 connector

Datacom Technical Advantages

Hot Plug Rated

  • SBS® 75G Features a Third First-Mate Last-Break Ground or Power Contact

Minimizes Contact

  • Touch Safe Interface can be safely used in through panel applications

Meet Multiple Needs

  • Inline, Panel Mount, “T” or Blindmate Configurations allow one connection to meet different needs

Finished Appearance

  • Package Groupings of PP15-45 Connectors provides a finish look and protects connectors with an outer shell

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