PowerMod HP® Connector Series





PowerMod®HP connectors by Anderson Power Products, are designed as a high-power interconnect solution for use in back-up power supplies, data storage, renewable energy, industrial power, medical and mobility applications.


 The ergonomic positive latch release is made out of a blue PEI material for clear identification and is simple and easy to operate. Outer housings are made from a PBT black UL94 V-0 flame retardant material designed to withstand operating temperatures of -40 to 130°C. The contacts are extremely durable and rated for circuit interruptions (hot plugging). 


The PowerMod®HP family offers excellent design flexibility with straight, right angle, bus bar, panel mount or blind mate styles offered in either single or dual pole designs. All connectors are available in American and metric wire sizes for further design freedom.



  • Series A
    Offers 220 amps for single pole or 210 amps for dual pole
    500 Mating Cycles
  • Series B
    Offers 450 amps for single pole or 400 amps for dual pole
    500 Mating cycles
  • Pin and Socket Silver plated, high conductivity contacts
    Offers greater longevity for high power, elevated temperature applications
  • Touch Safe
    Provides IP20 protection
  • Positive Latching
    Integral latches with ergonomic release provide over 50 lbs retentionr
  • Low connector mating force
    Connectors are easily mated and un-mated
  • Polarized Dual Poles offer optional hex keying
    Dual pole housings prevent shorting from reverse mating
    Hex key allows the user to create unique mating schemes