Power Drawer® Crimp Socket 16 Awg

Socket Contacts - Up to 25 amps
  • Anderson Power Products® Power Drawer® series connectors gives our customers more selections than ever to meet their power connector needs.
  • These cost effective, mixed power and signal drawer connectors are manufactured using the same high quality standards that have made APP a leader in the power connector industry for years.
  • The drawer series can be used for a wide range of drawer-type applications such as rectifiers, mainframe computers, telecommunications, and network equipment.
  • If power and signal is required, let Anderson Power Products® be "Your Best Connection."
  • Industry Standard Contacts Allows for cross mating with competitive product
  • Wide Selection of Contact Termination Provides the designer a wide variety of packaging options
  • First-mate and Last-mate Capability Grounds and powers the system before mating of signal circuits
  • Integral Guide Pins Corrects misalignment during blind mating
  • Optional Floating Mount Reduces fatiguing stress on connectors during blindmating
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