PowerMod® Crimp Contact- Male, 14-16 awg, A

PowerMod®Male crimp, 16-14 awg, Pre-mate 9.3mm
  • The PowerMod® connector family offers minimum size and high power.
  • The high performance contacts and insulator are rated for 30 amps continuous.
  • Applications requiring lower operating temperatures can be de-rated using our current-temperature chart.
  • The one row male PowerMod®connectors are offered in 3, 4, 6 and 8 circuit sizes.
  • The connectors are available with straight crimp, straight PCB or right angle PCB contacts.
  • APP connectors are manufactured using the finest materials and world-class manufacturing processes.
  • They embody the highest quality in the industry and meet all applicable industry standards.
  • Mechanically polarized housings only mate one-way, ensuring proper mating.
  • High reliability positive retention latches are made from stainless steel to provide optimum performance.
  • PCB, panel or cable mounting and a wide variety of contact styles with optional mounting brackets, panel clips and back-shell hoods provide broad design flexibility
  • Optional sequential contact mating with 4 pin contact lengths can be custom specified for make-first/break-last or make-last/break-first circuits
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