Powerpole® Pak Snap in Receptacle 7 to 8 Poles

Mate to plug shells with or without latches, or mate to another panel mount receptacle to create a bulkhead to bulkhead connection. For use with Powerpole® wire or PCB connectors. Order the number of retaining pins for each receptacle as shown below s
  • PP15-45 series are the smallest Powerpole® housings.
  • They can be used for wire-to-wire or wire-to-board applications.
  • Wire sizes from #20 AWG (0.75 mm²) to #10 (6 mm²) offer power capabilities up to 55 amps per pole.
  • Finger proof housings and the ability to incorporate first-mate last-break ground connectors enhance the capabilities of this Powerpole® series.
  • High Power Density up to 55 amps in a compact footprint
  • Wire-to Wire & Wire-to-Board Configurations
  • Wire & PCB contacts can be used in the same housings
  • Finger Proof Housings Available
  • Protects against accidental contact with live circuits
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