Anderson Power endorses the following Corporate Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Policy for all Anderson Power sites

It is Anderson Power’s EHS policy to:


•Provide a safe and healthy work environment.

•Design and develop products that realize energy efficiency, minimize environmental impacts, and have sustainable life cycles.

•Continually improve our EHS performance and reduce the overall impacts of our manufacturing processes

To ensure that Anderson Power can implement these policies and standards, Anderson Power is dedicated to:


•Providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees

•Recognizing, evaluating and controlling conditions or processes which could negatively affect safety, health or the environment

•Ensuring accountability for EHS performance at all levels

•Complying with regulatory and other requirements

•Sustainable economic, environmental, social responsibility and corporate governance practices

•Conserving natural resources in product and process

•Reducing, reusing and recycling materials consistent with zero waste to land fill intent

•Preventing pollution at the point of generation

•Procuring and utilizing energy-efficient products and services

•Design energy-efficient spaces and systems

•Ensuring the information and resources needed to meet EHS targets and objectives

•Monitoring the effectiveness of EHS programs