Powerpole® Connector Series

  • Flat-wiping contact system - Wiping action cleans contact surface during connection/disconnection
  • Interchangeable genderless design - Quick and easy assembly
  • Silver plated contacts (also offer Tin on 15/45) - Offers greatest longevity when using high power, elevated temperature applications
  • Color coded housings
  • Molded-in dovetails - Secures individual connectors together
  • Powerpole pin & socket series connector (PP10/30) - Green housing is a visual identification of ground terminal
  • Chemical resistant housings available
  • UL94 V-0 housing material - Meets strict flammability ratings

This versatile connector series invented by Anderson Power meets a wide range of power connection needs. The four housing sizes in the Powerpole product family can carry a wide range of amperage and wire sizes in the most compact footprint. For currents up to 350A and from wire sizes of #20 AWG (0.75 mm²) to 3/0 (70 mm²), Powerpole can handle them all.  A wide range of colored housing options can be stacked together to create a proven, reliable custom connector. These housings can be used with different contacts to create wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, or wire-to-busbar connections. The Powerpole connector combines high quality materials with a cost-effective and innovative design for powerful versatility.


Commercial & Industrial

From high-capacity HVAC systems to autonomous robotics charging, Anderson Power provides the performance and reliability your infrastructure depends upon. Learn more about how we support the Commercial and Industrial industry.

Material Handling

Anderson Power offers a wide array of products suited for Material Handling applications. Products are offered from 25A up to 550A at 600 volts and meets DIN style/Euro 0623-589 and EN1175:2020
standards. Learn more about how we support the Material Handling industry.


Whether it's to charge light-duty lawn equipment at home or a heavy-duty excavator in the field, Anderson Power provides the performance, durability, and weatherproof solutions that support consistent and reliable operation of your equipment. Learn more about how we support the Con Ag industry.

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