SBS®/SBS®X Connector Series


  • Touch safe interface
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Broader operating temperature range - Chemical resistant housings offer broader range
  • Durable performance - Resists damage from rough treatment
  • Enhanced UV resistance - Prevents material degradation from prolonged sunlight exposure
  • IP68 weatherproof options available


The patented SBS connector family is designed to provide high power in a compact ergonomic housing with protection against accidental contact with live circuits. This is of particular importance in applications where DC voltages exceed 30 volts and can be health threatening.


SBS Mini connectors are the smallest DC power connectors available in the SBS series rated up to 52 amps. Each housing securely holds two power contacts designed with flat-wiping technology to enable hot swapping capabilities to 45 amps at 72 volts on DC circuits. 


SBS 50, SBS 75X and SBS 75G are available in Wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations both provide power contacts rated up to 110 amps. The SBS 75X offers up to 4 mate-last break-first auxiliary power / signal contacts rated up to 20 amps. The SBS 75G features a third first-mate last-break ground or power contact. All contact positions are rated for circuit interruption (hot plugging).


The SBSX-75A sealed waterproof connectors come in multiple configurations offering up to a maximum of 140A of power and the durability of up to 5,000 mating cycles. The IP68 weatherproof rating ensures that the connector will be free of water for full protection up to 30 minutes at 6 feet in the mated conditions, or with the use of covers in unmated condition.

Commercial & Industrial

From high-capacity HVAC systems to autonomous robotics charging, Anderson Power provides the performance and reliability your infrastructure depends upon. Learn more about how we support the Commercial and Industrial industry.

Material Handling

Anderson Power offers a wide array of products suited for Material Handling applications. Products are offered from 25A up to 550A at 600 volts. Learn more about how we support the Material Handling industry.


Con Ag

Whether it's to charge light-duty lawn equipment at home or a heavy-duty excavator in the field, Anderson Power provides the performance, durability, and weatherproof solutions that support consistent and reliable operation of your equipment. Learn more about how we support the Con Ag industry.

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