1387G1- Pneumatic Crimp Tool

Pneumatic Crimp Tool for 12 awg to 2/0 awg Contacts Also found in: /ABC 80/EBC 80/Powerpole® 120/Powerpole® 15-45/Powerpole® 180/Powerpole® 75/SB 120/SB 175/SB 50/SB SMART/SBE 160/SBX 175/SBO 60/SBE 80/SBS 50/SBS 50 PAK/SBS 75X/SPEC Pak HIGH POWER/SPEC Pak Mi
  • This versatile crimping tool eliminates human effort in four-indent crimping contacts.
  • Nonadjustable die heads, interchangeable die & locators are available to handle #12 wire through 2/0 AWG, all using the same safety cycling power unit.
  • Factory air pressure is sufficient for even the largest wire sizes.
  • This model is also supplied with a bench mount as standard equipment and can be used as a portable hand tool, a bench-mounted hand tool or a foot controlled unit.
  • The 1387G1 crimps contacts for the following connectors: Euro Battery Series, PowerMod® HP Series, SBE® Series, SBX® Series, Powerpole® Series, SB® Series, SB® Smart Series and High Power SPEC Pak®.
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