4827G6 PPMX Auxiliary Connector

PPMX Auxiliary Connector - 1x4 Auxiliary Housing Also found in: /SBE 160/SBX 175/SBE 320/SBX 350/SBO 60/SBE 80/SPEC Pak 4 Position/SPEC Pak 6 Position/SPEC Pak Solar 4 Position
  • The PPMX auxiliary connector allows up to 8 auxiliary circuits to be used in the SBE®, SBO®, & SBX® housings.
  • There are 4 auxiliary circuits per PPMX connector and two PPMX housings fit into the auxiliary port in the main connector housing.
  • Rated up to 7 amps 300 volts per contact, the genderless design holds two each gold plated pin & socket contacts.
  • This innovation allows the very durable and cost effective equipment design of SBE®, O, X connectors to be used for applications requiring up to 8 battery monitoring or vehicle communication circuits.
  • (2) Retaining pins or (1) Retaining clip is required to hold the auxiliary housing in place.
  • No extraction tool required for contact removal.
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