Power Drawer® 75 Socket Contact PCB Tail Termination, AWG 8 10mm²

PCB Tail Termination, AWG 8 10mm²
  • Anderson Power Products® Power Drawer® series connectors gives our customers more selections than ever to meet their power connector needs. these cost effective, mixed power and signal drawer connectors are manufactured using the same high quality standards that have made APP a leader in the power connector industry for years. The drawer series can be used for a wide range of drawer-type applications such as rectifiers, mainframe computers, telecommunications, and network equipment. If power and signal is required, let Anderson Power Products® be"Your Best Connection."FEATURES
  • Industry Standard Contacts Allows for cross mating with competitive product
  • Wide Selection of Contact Termination Provides the designer a wide variety of packaging options
  • First-mate and Last-mate Capability Grounds and powers the system before mating of signal circuits
  • Integral Guide Pins Corrects misalignment during blind mating
  • Optional Floating Mount Reduces fatiguing stress on connectors during blindmating
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