Powerpole® 180 Contact for 2/0 AWG Cable Silver Plated Wire Contact

PP180 Silver Plated Wire Contacts Silver plated contacts offer superior electrical performance and durability up to 10,000 mating cycles. New contacts for 2/0 to 3/0 AWG (70 to 85 mm²) offer extended capability in the same housings. See Reducing bushings
  • PP180 are the largest of the Powerpole® series housings. They are designed to accommodate up to 3/0 (70 mm²) wires and handle high currents up to 350 amps. Busbar contacts are also available for power inputs and takeoffs. Color-coded housings minimize user confusion and the potential of cross mating circuits.Low Resistance Silver Plated Copper Contacts
  • Allows currents up to 350 amps UL Rated for Hot Plugging up to 75 Amps
  • Great for battery or other applications where the ability to interrupt circuits is required Busbar Contacts Work with Standard Housings
  • Provides a hot swappable quick disconnect system for busbar power distribution
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