Red SBO®60 Housings - Up to 80 amps, Also SBE®80

Red SBE®80 / SBO®60 Housings - Up to 80 amps
  • The smallest size of SBE®, X, O style housing. SBE®80 and SBO®60 housings of the same Voltage Color Code can be mated but is not recommended as it invalidates UL approvals for SBO®60. SBO®60 housings do not meet EN1175-1 requirements for industrial trucks.
  • SBE® and SBO® connectors build on the capability of the two pole SB® connectors by offering up to 8 auxiliary power / signal contacts along with an IEC 60950 touch safe housing.
  • The center of the main connector features a connector holder for either: two PP15-45, two PPMX, or APP’s innovative 1x4 auxiliary connector.
  • Touch Safe Interface Minimizes potential contact with live circuits per IEC 60950
  • Up to 8 Last Mate / First Break Auxiliaries Enables intelligent power switching, CAN and interlock loop circuitry, as well as power up to 20 amps per pole
  • Silver Plated Wire Contacts up to #4 (25 mm²) Allows UL rated currents up to 80 amps per pole
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