Sbe®320 Housing, Yellow

The largest size of SBE®, X, O style housing. SBE® housings are molded from a chemical resistant PBT. SBE®320 and SBX®350 housings of the same Voltage Color Code cannot be mated. SBX®350 housings do not meet EN1175-1 requirements for industrial trucks
  • SBX® and SBE® connectors can integrate up to 8 auxiliary power / signal contacts along with the two primary power circuits.
  • Sequencing within auxiliary positions is possible using the 4 pin lengths available in the 1x4 auxiliary connector.
  • The SBE® touch safety rating is equivalent to that of the SBS® connector line.
  • Silver Plated Wire Contacts up to 300 mcm (152 mm²) Allows low resistance UL rated currents up to 350 amps per pole
  • Up to 8 Last-mate / First-break Auxiliaries Enables intelligent power switching, CAN and interlock loop circuitry, as well as power up to 20 amps per pole
  • Durable Housings and Contacts Like all Multipole connectors, the silver plated power contacts are rated up to 10,000 mating cycles
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