SK6-019M03 | 3 Position Mini Pl SPEC Pak® Plug Shell

3 Position Mini Pl SPEC Pak® Plug Shell Kit
  • 3 Position Mini PL SPEC Pak® is a rugged and environmentally sealed (IP68) connector with a manually operated release latch.
  • The 3 Position Mini PL leverages PowerMod® pin and socket contact technology, delivering capabilities up to 22 amps at 600 volts while handling wires from 24 to 12 AWG (0.5 to 2.5 mm²).
  • The 30µ gold plated pins are available in 3 lengths, enabling sequenced contact mating options.
  • These contacts sit inside a UV and flame resistant shells that are touch safe on both sides.
  • Manual Release Latch prevents accidental un-mating
  • Pin & Socket Contact Technology: Gold plated for greater conductivity
  • 3 Pin Lengths offers sequencing capabilities
  • Touch Safe per UL 1977 Sec. 10.2: Touch safe on both pin & socket sides
  • Rugged & Environmentally Sealed Shells
  • F1 weatherability rating per UL 746C
  • V0 flammability rating per UL 94
  • IP68, exceeds industry standards
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