TM0001- Locator for PowerMod® Pins

Hand Crimp Tool for PowerMod® Contacts Also found in: /PowerMod®/SBS 75X/SPEC Pak HIGH POWER/SPEC Pak Mid Power
  • Anderson Power Products® TM0001 Hand Crimp Tool is qualified to MIL-DTL-22520/1, has virtually limitless application within the specified wire range of #12 to # 24 AWG (4.0 to 0.25mm).
  • Turret heads are available to crimp both PowerMod® and Power Drawer® Series Contacts.
  • The 8 impression crimp, which is standard in the TM0001, assures absolute maximum tensile strength with every crimp.
  • The precision ratchet controls cycling of the tool in both directions of handle movement. This assures the same accurate crimp every time.
  • It’s like having a quality control inspector at every work station.
  • Positive crimp depth is controlled by an 8 position selector knob conveniently located on the tool frame.
  • The operator simply dials the desired step for the wire being used.
  • This setting can be secured by use of a locking pin or safety wire.
  • The carefully engineered design achieves the absolute maximum mechanical advantage; along with the tool’s light weight, operator fatigue is minimized.
  • Periodic gaging is recommended to insure accurate calibration.
  • This can be done easily by setting the tool selector knob to position #4, and checking indenter closure with M22520/3-1 “GO-/NO-GO” gage.
  • Other than keeping the unit clean and properly stored when not in service, no operator maintenance is required.
  • Complete instructions concerning the use, care and warranty are supplied with each tool.
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