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DIN 43589-1 Euro Battery Connector Tooling


This video will show you the tooling options that have been approved for use with our Euro Battery Connectors.

Saf-D-Grid® – Up to 30A & 400V AC/DC

This Saf-D-Grid® 400 video demonstrates how the unique housing and contact geometries encapsulate arcing.   With a “light-on and light-out” demonstration, you will see the arc extinguishes long before the housings are disconnected. 

Saf-D-Grid® 300 – Single Phase AC


This video demonstrates how the Saf-D-Grid® 300 is a drop in replacement for IEC 60302 C13 & C14 connectors. The connector will provide you with additional power and the integral latch on the plug housing prevents the accidental disconnect of power without the need for added accessories such as metal bail latches or hook & loop fabric straps.


5 Pole Mini PL SPEC Pak® Assembly


This video will highlight the 5 Pole Mini PL SPEC Pak® features and how to assemble the connector.



Mid Power SPEC Pak® AC 3 - Phase connector

This video will demonstrate how the 5 Position Mid Power SPEC Pak® connector is a secure & sealed alternative to NEMA and IEC three-phase AC connections.



Flat Wiping Contact Technology

This video will show you how to mate a connector that has flat wiping contact technology.  The flat wiping contact was invented by Anderson Power Products in 1954. 

SBE®320 & SBX®350 Connector Assembly

This video demonstrates how to crimp SBE®320 & SBX®350 power contacts, insert them into the housing, and the installation of auxiliary contacts.



SBE®320 & SBX®350 Connector Disassembly

This video begins with safety tips that are important to follow prior to disassembling a loaded SBE®320 & SBX®350 connector. The demonstration provides you with information on what tools you will need and how easy the disassembly process is.

1387G1 & 1387G2 Crimp Tool

This video displays how to use Anderson Power Product's 1387G1 and 1387G2 crimp tool.

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