Introducing SB50 and SBS50 Cable Clamps

Anderson Power Products (APP) is proud to introduce our new low cost SB50 and SBS50 cable clamps. These rugged cable clamps are manufactured out of non-conductive, impact resistant Polycarbonate plastic. The new designs are simple to assemble, offer versatility by accommodating multiple wire sizes, and provide a low-cost solution for two wire clamping applications


  • Robust, Impact Resistant Plastic
  • Non-Conductive Material
  • Works with a Wide Range of Wire Sizes (12 through 6 AWG)
  •  Low Cost
  • Provides Jacket Retention When Flexing Cable/Connector


Learn more here or check out our where to buy for more information. 


About Anderson Power Products

Anderson Power Products is a leader in developing high quality, low cost, power interconnect solutions for several industries, including: Commercial/Industrial, Lawn/Garden/Agricultural, Back Up Power Systems, UPS Systems, Automation, High Technology Devices and Alternative Energy Solutions. Headquartered in Sterling, MA, Anderson Power Product’s facility is ISO 9001 certified and uses automated manufacturing to offer uncompromising quality. APP connectors are available through an authorized global distributor network or direct from the factory.