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Anderson Power™ Connectors


Anderson Power Connectors are truly Your Best Connection™ when it comes to electrical power solutions. With their unparalleled quality, reliability and versatility our connectors have become the industry standard for a wide range of applications.


  • Meticulously engineered using high-grade materials, ensuring superior performance and durability.
  • Able to handle high currents and voltages without compromising safety, making them ideal for demanding environments and critical power systems.
  • Robust construction of Anderson Power connectors guarantees long-term reliability, reducing the risk of costly downtime and equipment failures.
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Industries: Datacom

UL rated for current interrupt of up
to 400 VDC and 30 amp load with
greater power density in the same
connector space as a C13.

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SBS® Series

Industries: Commercial Industrial,
Material Handling & Con Ag

Ergonomic housing offering
power & signaling. Available in
sealed & non-sealed configurations.

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Industries: Material Handling,
Commercial Industrial & Datacom

Four housing sizes that can be
stacked to create a single position
or a multiple position connection.

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Industries: Commercial Industrial

Rugged and environmentally sealed
(IP68) certified connectors.

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Power Drawer®

Industries: Datacom

Cost effective, mixed power
and signal drawer connectors.

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SB® Series

Industries: Datacom & Material Handling

Two pole connectors for DC power
distribution and battery connections.
Rated up to 600v.

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SBE®/SBX®/SBO® Series

Industries: Material Handling
& Commercial Industrial

Up to 8 auxiliary contacts
for power & signaling. Benefits
include IP20 rating, touch safe and more.

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Euro Battery Connector

Industries: Material Handling,
Commercial Industrial & Con Ag

Expertly designed for ease of
use with an innovative contact
carrier to simplify assembly.

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Power Clip®

Industries: Datacom

High performance contact with
low voltage drop and superior
amperage carrying capability.

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SB® Smart

Industries: Material Handling

Connectors where storage
batteries intelligently interact
with the system.


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