How Engineers are Preparing for
the Electrification of Everything

The world is going electric.


Everything from tractors to lawnmowers to leaf blowers to kayaks are increasingly available in electric models. Electric equipment accounted for 17% of the market in the US in 2020, and the electrification market was projected to grow to $126 billion by 2028.


We asked some of our customers and sales managers to weigh in on this trend. What have engineers learned in the past few years about electrification? What do sales managers expect to happen in the future? Below, six industry experts share their stories, shed light on what they’ve learned, and offer valuable perspectives on the future.

Manfred Wack


Regional Sales Manager for Anderson Power


“Every day working at Anderson Power brings new challenges, but also new and encouraging discoveries to meet the challenges of our electrified future.”

Biggest Piece of Advice: The electrification trend is always evolving, and it’s important to stay on top of the latest developments. You should proactively reach out to contacts in the field or attend exhibitions and webinars to learn from others and expand your knowledge base.

Manfred’s Electrification Story: Since starting at Anderson Power in 2017, Manfred has witnessed a phenomenal growth in electrification projects. He can recall the initial transition from lead acid to lithium-ion batteries, a pivotal shift that ushered in the era of Battery Management System (BMS). Within the past two years, Manfred has observed a remarkable surge in electrification opportunities within the Construction and Agriculture (Con/Ag) market segment. He believes that the wide range of dependable power connectors from Anderson Power are well-positioned to address the evolving challenges that accompany the electrification trend, including handling high currents.

Rahul Choudhary


General Manager, R&D for GreenFuel Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd


Biggest Piece of Advice: You should stay up to date on all government standards and regulations for electric equipment, especially since new regulations are always being developed.


Rahul’s Electrification Story: Rahul’s work on electrification projects dates to 2016, when he began working on lithium-ion batteries. His company, Greenfuel Energy Solutions, specializes in creating components and system solutions for alternative gas fuel systems in India’s automotive industry. Greenfuel’s core mission centers on advancing sustainable e-mobility and electric 3-wheeler technology in the country. The market for such electric equipment is booming, especially in India. More than 45 percent of three-wheeled vehicles sold in India between March 2021 and March 2022 were electric, and the number is only expected to grow as India’s government subsidizes the technology.

Mahinder Sehgl


Head of Sourcing at Battrixx


“From Anderson Power, I’ve learned that the battery connector is the most important and critical part.”


Biggest Piece of Advice: When it comes to electrification, anything can happen. It’s important to stay on top of the trends and be open to changing and improving your products when new technologies become available.


Mahinder’s Electrification Story: Mahinder began working on electric vehicles back in 2014. Along his nearly 10-year journey with electrification, he has learned more about smart electronics and data analysis. Today, his company, Battrixx, creates the lithium-ion battery packs that power many of the e-vehicles on India’s roads. But Battrixx’s technological advancements are not without their challenges. Mahinder and his company are constantly working to perfect their batteries’ safety measures, including a current project where they are implementing new materials in the side of the battery to protect it from thermal runaway, fire and explosions.

Nancy Wang


Senior Sales Manager for Anderson Power in Asia/Pacific


“When it comes to battery connections, I’ve learned that proper crimping is key to secure the quality of the connection.”

Biggest Piece of Advice: It can be difficult to learn all the new terminology and regulatory standards for electrification. Don’t hesitate to leverage the expertise within your company’s internal teams and use valuable resources like product catalogs to learn.


Nancy’s Electrification Story: Nancy has first-hand experience with the Anderson Power battery connector innovations. She started working on electrification projects for a customer in China, providing the company with the Anderson Power fast-charging SB® connector product series. One critical factor Nancy and the Anderson Power team always prioritize is the safety and reliability of the connectors. Top-quality connectors must not only perform efficiently but also handle temperature fluctuations with utmost safety. That's why the Anderson Power SB Series connectors are all UL rated up to 600 volts, ensuring customers’ peace of mind.

Abishek Hosangady


Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Evoride Motors Private Limited


“Anderson Power consistently focuses on producing high-quality battery connectors and prioritizing long-term customer relationships. The company’s battery technology is ahead of the curve when it comes to industry requirements.”


Biggest Piece of Advice: To understand the electrification industry, you should first comprehend its macro aspects, micro aspects, customers, buyers and infrastructure.


Abishek's Electrification Story: Abishek entered the electric vehicle sector back in 2017. He co-founded Evoride Motors Private Limited, a company that specializes in electric scooters and EV battery systems for the Indian market. At Evoride, Abishek has learned more about power electronics, international compliances and advanced software for data analysis. His team’s goal is to make battery infrastructure affordable, accelerating the growth of the electrification industry while ensuring vehicle consistency in all conditions. An essential component of this mission is the creation of reliable battery-charging infrastructure. Abishek has found Anderson Power connectors to be high-quality and effective in helping meet this challenge.

Cheryl Mailloux


Global Products Manager for Anderson Power


“When it comes to choosing the right battery connections, it’s important to select not only the proper connector for the application but also make sure the wire meets the desired amperage. Applications that could be exposed to the elements may also require additional ingress protection ratings to ensure the system is safe and performs as expected, especially when dealing with lithium-ion batteries. Having the ability to offer both power and signaling along with the proper ingress protection for battery maintenance are important requirements.”

Biggest Piece of Advice: Customers should consider that both the connector and the wire need to be rated for the amperage desired to avoid thermal runaway situations. The latest trends show that OEM manufacturers are continuing to increase the desired amperage rating but are looking to fit this into smaller footprints. However, smaller footprints that are not properly rated can cause additional heat to be generated, which can lead to melting or even spark fires. In new electrified applications such as outdoor power equipment, customers should determine if ingress protection against water or dust is required.


Cheryl's Electrification Story: Cheryl has worked on electrification projects with the Anderson team for the past 5 years. She collaborates directly with Outdoor Power Equipment and Commercial/Industrial OEM manufacturers to electrify their equipment as part of the CARB (California Air Resources Board) initiatives designed to reduce carbon emissions globally. She is currently working on a global strategy to release several new Anderson Power connector designs that offer ingress protection, emphasize quality and safety, and meet the power and signaling needs of tomorrow’s applications.

Connectors for the Future


The electrification trend these experts noted will only continue to grow. As the world’s reliance on electric equipment grows, the use of powerful connectors to power that equipment becomes more crucial.


At Anderson Power, we are committed to developing connectors that proactively prepare for this electrified future. Our SBS®X-75A connector is designed with versatility in mind, offering multiple configurations that provide both power and signaling rated up to 140A. With four-signal capabilities included, this connector empowers users to monitor the charge and maintenance needs of lithium-ion batteries effectively. Additionally, all of the Anderson Power connectors – including the SB® Connector Series and Powerpole® –  pack the most power and signaling possible into the smallest footprint.


The “electrification of everything” is an exciting prospect, but the trend brings with it unique technological challenges. With Anderson Power connectors, engineers can prepare for the future with high-quality, compact connectors that can handle the battery requirements of tomorrow.

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