Flat-Wiping Technology

Connectors are the very backbone of energy infrastructure. They must be robust, reliable, even foolproof. Anderson Power’s Flat-Wiping Technology was designed to meet these demands, as a solution that ‘ticks all the boxes’ for challenging and critical applications. With genderless housings and contacts, these connectors are a sure added value for any challenging industrial application.


In addition to being easier to use than pin-and-socket contacts, utilizing genderless connectors means that your organization can lessen connector inventory, a definite cost advantage. We pioneered this revolutionary technology to keep you connected. Whether you are building a datacenter or powering an industrial oven, our connectors with Flat-Wiping Technology are reliable, cost-effective, and easily the best-in-class solution.  Their simplified universal design contributes to quick and easy assembly within any application.


The implementation of this technology offers a much lower resistance than most conventional connectors. This is a result of the larger surface of the contacts, which are formed out of high-grade copper (silver or zinc plated). They feature the support of a stainless-steel spring behind them, further enhancing positive engagement and decreasing susceptibility to accidental disconnect. This also results in lower heat rise due to less resistance and better power transmission. To prevent arcing damage, we utilize sacrificial contact tips that ensure the mating area on the backside of the contact crest remains undamaged, even during energized connects and disconnects.


Anderson Power Flat-Wiping Connectors are UL tested to at least 250 cycles at 150% of their rated current. Their self-cleaning design practically utilizes an overwipe method, effectively cleaning the mating surface each time the connectors are seated. The no-socket design minimizes the possibility of debris ingress, and their self-securing design ensures they remain secure in mated position, though quickly and easily disconnected when necessary.


With over 60 years of proven history and research, Flat-Wiping Connectors are self-cleaning, self-securing, offer best-in-class resistance, and are rated for current interrupt. They’re durable enough for 10,000 mating cycles under load due to their innovative design. Simplify any power transmission with Anderson Power’s Flat-Wiping Connectors – with the peace of mind their performance will remained unparalleled for years to come.