phot of SBSX-75A connector on orange background
Photo of SBSX-75A connector on orange background

SBS®X-75A Enhanced with Added Functions

The SBSX-75A sealed connector series from Anderson Power ups the ante on green power quality and reliability,
a promising sign for design engineers working on electrification projects.

STERLING, Mass. – Anderson Power expands the capabilities and functionality of its SBSX-75A sealed connector to equip manufacturers with a proven, high-quality connection to battery power in conjunction with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) 2024 measures. As of this year, all newly manufactured power equipment under-25-horsepower will need to be electric, such as those found in lawn mowers, leaf blowers, snow blowers and golf carts to be zero emission.

Anderson Power adds additional application capabilities to its sealed connector line by introducing a flip top cover, an integrated ground power cable option and a 6-auxiliary position option to the SBSX-75A Sealed Waterproof Connector Series. All enhancements are meant to save precious design space and enhance the aesthetics of the high-power applications.



  • The flip top cover option is a low-profile, spring-loaded cover with an IP68 rating that protects the connector housing. This space-saving solution benefits panel mount applications and is attached with a spring to protect interior connector parts. This easy-to-assemble add-on will help protect the power source and enhance the aesthetics of the final product, especially in riding lawnmower applications.
  • The integrated ground housing option allows for a direct ground wire connection to provide additional safety precaution in the event of a short-circuit.

  • The 6 auxiliary position option aids in managing lifespan of lithium-ion battery applications with advanced signaling that allows for a more unified on/off process and the ability to share system status updates in real time.  

  • The ergonomic SBSX-75A Clamshell cable strain-relief allows for a handle like accessory for easy mating and unmating of connector, while providing needed wire protection ensuring high performance.


Anderson Power has a history of listening to the market and to its customers and partners. These added functionalities are no exception.

Autonomous lawnmower on grass
Photograph of SBSX-75A Flip top with connector on white background

"The flip top cover is a true solution to a problem that customers were experiencing in the field. Many solutions did not offer water/dust ingress protection for outdoor environments, covers were difficult to attach, with larger profiles having potential to get caught during usage experienced in the field. To reap the benefits of the IP68 protection, along with offering a low profile design the spring-loaded, flip-top cover achieves that result.


We added the ground option to ensure our customers can add additional safety precautions to their designs and have that all integrated in one, easy-to-use configuration", says Global Channel Segment Manager Cheryl Mailloux. "The 6-auxiliary position is a trend we continue to see, with advanced signaling becoming a key requirement of newer product designs. We always try to be one step ahead of our customers’ needs or partner with their design engineers to create customized solutions that meet their application needs.”

The SBSX-75A Connector Series will continue to be compatible with wire-to-wire, wire-to-panel and panel-to-panel connections. It is rated up to 140 amps and boasts the durability of up to 5,000 mating cycles. Its IP68 weatherproof rating ensures that the connector will be free from water for up to 30 minutes at 6 feet in the mated condition, or with the use of covers in the unmated condition. Positive metal latches help safeguard against accidental disconnects that may be caused by vibration, while built in cable clamp allows for strain relief on wires.


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