3 Reasons APP Connectors Shouldn't be Mated With Copies

A Pioneer of Connection: the SBSX-75A


The Anderson Power® SBSX-75A Sealed Connector has proven itself to be one of the most effective connectors in a wide variety of applications, displaying its strengths particularly in environments where high current, data signal, and waterproofing are all requirements.

Featuring an IP68 ingress certification when mated, these connectors can deliver up to 135 amps of power combined with four auxiliary signal connects. Their durability is unparalleled—they’re rated for up to 5,000 mating cycles, with metal latches to ensure positive engagement and to prevent accidental disconnects, especially in applications in which vibration may be present.

They offer a built-in cable clamp for strain relief and protective covers for use when unmated, minimizing the possibility of debris and shortages when disconnected. With a temperature operation range from -20°C to 105°C, this truly versatile connector offers countless possible use cases, spanning from industrial to commercial, agricultural equipment to marine applications, and everything in between.


Hazards of Imitation Products


With generic equivalents now available on the market, it’s important to consider why using a genuine Anderson® product is critical to proper function and reliability. The form factor of these connectors isn’t just what makes them special—there are several reasons why mating authentic Anderson® connectors with copies isn’t a good idea, especially in the demanding environments the SBSX-75A was designed to handle.

Genuine APP® connectors remain superiority due to their flat-wiping technology, which was originally pioneered by Anderson Power®. This design was an answer to the widespread storage battery industry problems that existed with typical inferior button or pin-and-socket type contacts. Over time, the resistance of these outdated contacts would increase due to arcing damage to the conductive surfaces, rendering them dangerous and eventually useless.

Flat-wiping contacts eliminated this problem by featuring a sacrificial contact tip, allowing any arcing damage to be limited to this area, not the mated conductive path. Built from high-quality silver-plated pure copper conductors, they are stainless steel spring-loaded to ensure a solid mechanical connection and a robust contact every time. Together these features greatly increase the longevity of high amperage connections, prevent dangerous failures, and potentially costly replacements.


Genuine APP® Product Considerations


It is always advisable to use only genuine connectors from Anderson Power® to ensure the best performance and reliability of your critical power connections. To further illustrate why, it’s important consider a few more key factors:


Component Standardization


Component standardization is always a consideration to be made for connectors. However, most of the focus of these standardizations are in commercial and residential applications, where fire and building code standards must be met. Anderson® connectors adhere to their own much more stringent standards of manufacturing, which are meant to ensure longevity, performance, and function in the most demanding environments. Their generic equivalents are simply imitations of the form factor—without replicating the design, construction, and materials that are present in every APP® connector. This proves to be critical in the most challenging applications, which may combine higher current, data transmission, and even constant exposure to the elements.


Manufacturing Differences


Manufacturing practices add up, and Generic APP® clones do not use the same quality of raw materials, the same exacting manufacturing standards, and the same rigorous assembly techniques. With a broad range of quality control standards possible with third party manufacturers, performance and function of the connector can suffer—along with the possibility of a potentially hazardous situation.


Safety Agency Certifications


Lastly, non-standardized components from third-party manufacturers will not maintain their certifications when mated to another manufacturer. Their level of certification only applies to a mated set of connectors, unlike NEMA/IEC, in which compliance is demanded only of half of the connection and mixing manufacturers may be common practice.

The SBSX-75A was developed due to a demand of innovation. With the availability of flat-wiping technology, Anderson Power® pioneered a connector that has become a staple in industry. In addition to the innovative design, APP® has uses rigorous manufacturing standards and the highest possible materials that you can depend upon. However, when mating a genuine APP® connector to a generic copy, the connection is only as good as the lowest common denominator. It’s important to remember that to attain the full capability the SBSX-7A is known for, always use an authentic APP® product for both male and female disconnects.