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What it's Like to Work with Anderson Power: An Interview with Senior Design Engineer Jia Li 

If you’re an engineer looking to connect your latest battery-powered product design, choosing the right high-powered interconnect solution provider is a critical step. Part of that process means vetting different component providers. Our mission at Anderson Power is to always provide the safest and highest quality product on the market. As the original inventor of flat-wiping technology, we are always innovating and never settling. We take a relationship-first approach and aim to be an extension of your product design team.


Hear more about the process in this interview from Senior Design Engineer Jia Li. 

Question: Tell us about your role at Anderson Power

Answer: I am a Senior Design Engineer at Anderson Power. I specialize in the design of high current connection systems that meet specific customer needs. Anderson has a reputation for innovative solutions, and my role pushes me to continue building cutting-edge designs and developments.  


Q: Which products have you helped develop?

A: At Anderson, we specialize in crafting high-powered, custom solutions for our customers. As a result, I’ve had hands-on experience with the creation of many of our interconnect solutions. As a design engineer, it has been great to work personally with customers to build custom products and unique connector solutions.  


Q: What's your favorite part of working with Anderson Power customers?

A: Establishing strong customer relationships has been a major highlight. I love being able to bring my design expertise and engineering background to the table. Anderson has a long legacy of creating innovative solutions, and I'm so proud of the trust our customers have in us. It has been great providing my expertise to develop a product that best fits their application. 


Q: What does our tagline, "Your Best Connection™" mean to you, in terms of the value we deliver to our customers?

A: Your Best Connection™” has a deep meaning to us at Anderson Power! Of course, I work to provide a connection solution that best meets our customers’ needs. These “best connections” are backed by Anderson’s experience, with safety standards our customers can rely on. Additionally, “Your Best Connection™” applies to my relationships with customers. I stay connected with our customers to deliver the strongest solution possible. Yes, we provide literal connectors, but we also make valuable customer connections that highlight our expertise.


Q: What makes Anderson Power’s products different? What sets us apart from the competitor?

A: I believe innovation, safety and reliability are what set us apart from competitors. Our relationship-first approach is another differentiator. We power our customers’ innovation pipelines and it’s exciting to work with intelligent design engineers on the next generation of products.


Q: What are the approaches that you take in developing a product?

A: I start with understanding what a customer needs, then come up with a design that best meets their needs. I always try to think outside the box to find the best solution for our customers. We act as an extension of our customers’ engineering teams, providing electrical engineering expertise. 

Your Best Connection™

Q: What is the testing process to make sure products are up to the Anderson Power standard?

A: We keep our thumb on the regulatory changes so our customers don’t have to. We have a rigorous internal testing process to make sure the products meet all the design intents. We also have our products tested to agency standards such as UL, CSA, TUV etc. for safety compliance. We have an in-house testing laboratory, which is a differentiator in ensuring that the product you receive from Anderson Power is safety-tested multiple times. 


Q: Anderson Power is known for innovation. Can you tell us about any upcoming products?

A: Some of our products are patent-pending and can’t be disclosed quite yet, but I can say that we have a strong pulse on the trends that are happening in the market, and we aim to create products that fit the future needs of engineers. We know that data centers and robotics are rapidly expanding, which creates a need for added signaling in our datacom connector solutions. We know there’s a push to electrify machinery in multiple industries, which creates a need for more rugged, sealed connectors!


Q: What would you say to someone new to Anderson that is considering our connectors?

A: If they want to be confident in the safety and quality of their component, we are the no-brainer choice. We have a broad variety of products to choose from for different applications and if you have a need we don’t have today, we are always happy to work on custom solutions. They are all safe and reliable for their designated applications, using the highest level of rigor in our in-house testing process. And our service doesn’t stop when you make a purchase. We aim to be a life-long partner. If you ever have any questions regarding the usage of products, we are always here to help.