About Pactech

Pactech has been an industry leader of high-quality connectivity solutions ever since it was founded in Silicon Valley in 1994. Their mission focuses on providing customers total satisfaction with their cable needs through innovative engineering, quality manufacturing, and quick turn-around through efficient assembly and volume production. Their primary focus is to collaborate closely with customers to turn their innovative ideas into reality.

The products Pactech manufactures support businesses and communities around the world. They are positioned to service a wide variety of customers, ranging from government, telecommunications and manufacturing to retail, health care, and tech. With datacenter and cloud service computing demands on the rise, Pactech has expanded internationally, shipping their products the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Some of their recognizable business partners include:

  • Meta
  • Arista Network
  • AWS
  • Tesla
  • Microsoft


Pactech values relationships, and their process typically begins with a site visit to start a dialogue to develop that relationship and encourage effective communication from the beginning. This becomes fundamentally important, especially with the variety of customers they work with, ranging from small start-ups to large established household names. Their strength lies in the fact they know that businesses are not looking for a one-size-fits-all solution, so they pay close attention to every inquiry to ensure their design applications are tailored for each unique customer. Their goal is the provide power and data solutions that will ultimately make the world a better place to live in.



Evolution of Industry Demands


Anderson Power has a long history of creating connectors for both high power and data-driven applications. Since many of our products include locking mechanisms and other features that become elementally useful in the field, Pactech saw the value in creating a relationship with a brand well-known and well-trusted in the marketplace, helping both companies gain more traction by providing their customers with more comprehensive superior solutions.


Pactech immediately understood the unique specifications and reliability of Anderson Power products and focused on bringing a comprehensive solution to customers looking for high power solutions that suited a specific need: whether it be custom lengths, jacket colors, LSZH jackets, or labeling. Pactech uses Anderson Power connectors in a range of customer solutions due to their:

  1. Reliability and straightforward application
  2. Connection security
  3. Ease of use.


The Pactech target clientele remains in the data center and tech industries and locking power solutions are quite often in their list of needs. Working with Anderson Power helped diversify their already-existing product offerings and increased their ability to help new and long-term customers alike. The relationship has even increased their customer retention rate, since it has eliminated the need for customers to source various suppliers for different items, and instead see Pactech as a “one-stop-shop.”

As Anderson Power established itself a brand name that attracted all variety of customers in the verticals Pactech serviced, they decided to become specialists in our product offerings. They now choose to even keep an extensive stock of Anderson Power products on hand to meet their customers urgent power connectivity demands, further decreasing lead-times to their clientele. Anderson Power supplies Pactech with high-quality connectors which are mated with ultra-flexible cables, creating an extremely useful plug-and-play product for businesses to implement specifically in (but not limited to) data centers.

The communication between the two companies has been seamless. Through a developing relationship, Pactech was able to gain a deep understanding of Anderson Power product offerings. When combined with their expertise in customizing cables, they were able to offer complete data and power transmission solutions to customers with specific need

Both businesses are flexible and highly adaptable, so the collaboration between the two has resulted in highly innovative and effective solutions for their customers. When a customer comes to Pactech with a specific need, they engage Anderson Power and have an in-depth discussion about how they can:

  • Create the appropriate custom solution
  • Meet the customers’ demands
  • Keeping the process viable & efficient



The Future


For customer solutions that involve high power demands, Pactech always turns to Anderson Power connectors, since they are the most complete and reliable solution in the marketplace.


"I am so happy to be a strategic partner of Anderson Power Products." - Aaron Chui, Founder & CEO


As high-current applications become the new trend in many industries such as robotics and electric vehicles, Pactech plans on working extensively with Anderson Power in the solution-centered design process. Studying the demands of their customers and developing custom solutions to add to their product portfolio remains a high priority for both manufacturers, so they will continue to work together to further ensure the satisfaction of their clientele.

To learn more about Pactech, visit their website.






Customer Needs a High Power Solution


Pactech received a customer inquiry seeking a high-power solution (between 400-600V) complete with a locking mechanism, and a specific Anderson Power product offered the best connector to fit their needs.



The compact form factor of the SDG plug allows it to be particularly useful in high-density datacenters.



By allowing up to 30A and 600V DC or AC within the same space as a commonly used IEC320 system (typically limited to 10A and 250VAC), the SDG connector was able to notably increase the wattage capability without increasing space demands for the customer.



No Existing Solution in the Marketplace


Pactech was tasked with creating a custom cable that would connect to a 277V power source using an M16 connector.



With no existing solution in the marketplace, their engineering team went back to the drawing board, working closely with Anderson Power product experts to design a brand-new cabling solution from scratch. They landed on the SDG400 connector with the corresponding receptacles as the best possible solution for the application.



Combining this connector with Pactech’s custom cabling, they created a safe and reliable solution for their customer that was previously not available anywhere on the market.


A Non-PVC Option


Many companies are interested in switching to non-PVC solutions, which have been shown to be both more environmentally and people friendly.



Anderson Power and Pactech once again worked together to create a LSZH solution that fits these requirements.



A solution with the same quality while remaining cost-effective.