EDS Leadership Summit

EDS Leadership Summit provides a platform for industry professionals to showcase their products, network with peers, and learn about the latest trends and advancements in the field. The EDS features exhibits, demonstrations, and educational sessions aimed at helping attendees stay ahead of the curve and grow their businesses.


May 16 - May 19, 2023  |  Las Vegas, Nevada



1. Why is Anderson Power attending? How long have you attended?

EDS is a great event for Anderson Power sales and leadership to meet & mingle with key distributors & manufacturer reps in one location. EDS is attended by the vast majority of the major manufacturers, distributors & manufacturer reps in our industry. Anderson Power will be attending EDS for our 10th year in 2023.


2. Why is this event important to the Anderson Power brand?

Representation consistently over the past 10 years shows commitment to our distributors and reps. It allows deeper connections to be made up to an executive level. Attendance creates recognition, awareness and relationship development which all go positively towards our brand.


3. Who will be attending?

Global Director of Sales Gregg Leighton

Global Channel Manager Ryan Baldinelli

Regional Sales Manager Keith Barber

Regional Sales Manager Marty Spiegel


4. What types of conversations are you hoping to have?

Conversations center around market growth opportunities, marketing discussions, sales figures, outlook of business and markets, industry trends, new products.


5. What are three things Anderson Power representatives hope to learn at the summit?

  • Rep growth plans
  • Distribution opportunities to grow with sales team
  • Industry trends.