Serving Our Customers

The world of technology seems to be in a state of constant, exponential growth. With exciting new developments in alternative energy, energy storage and data warehousing, the demands of the market are both ever-growing and ever-changing. Anderson Power products were born of necessity: to help transmit power and data effectively and safely, in fully scalable and sustainable ways.


At Anderson Power, connections are critical to us—both literally and figuratively. We develop and create groundbreaking products to connect and effectively transmit data, scale networks, power industry and harness energy wherever needed. In addition to our wide product catalog, we acknowledge human connection as a key component, and because of this the customer has always been our priority. We’ve continued to grow to meet the ever-changing demands to match market expansion, and we are proud to have implemented several key improvements that will continue to set us apart from competitors now and in the future.


With a thorough look at our processes, we have managed to improve fulfillment capacity by 20%, while also reducing order lead times. The benefit of this to our customer base cannot be overstated—with improvements in production coupled with quicker order turnaround, our clientele can be assured that our high-quality product can be implemented into their business structure faster than ever, and with even less effort on their part.


To ensure our capacity increases combine both quantity and quality, we’ve implemented rigorous, randomized quality inspections to guarantee that our end products are best-in-class. We set high standards for ourselves and our products so that we know you are receiving Your Best Connection™. These inspections act as a finishing touch before our connectors make it into your hands and into your application.


Along with the improvements in order fulfillment and inspection, we wanted to make sure we continued to align a quality of service that matches the quality of our products. We now offer 24/7 support for all our entire product line, which is particularly helpful for our overseas customers—or in those critical, time-sensitive situations. There’s always someone ready to help you with your questions regarding our products, night or day.


We’ve been able to accomplish all this by implementing a 10% staff increase in the last year, which marks a major expansion for Anderson Power, deployed to match the demands of this fast-moving industry. We aim to continue to be a pioneer in this space and continue to hire the best and brightest to help power that initiative.


Our goal is to support you and your business by continuing to facilitate these effective connections: both with you and through the seamless implementation of our products. Connections built by relationships are crucial to us, and we hope that our expansion continues to better serve you and grow with your business. We know that we have our customer base to thank for being an industry leader, and our objective is to sustain that role.