SB® Connector Series


  • Available from 50 up to 500 Amps
  • One piece plastic housing
  • Genderless design
  • Color & mechanically keyed
  • UL rated to 600 volts


Based off the design pioneered by Anderson in 1953, the two pole SB connectors set the standard for DC power distribution and battery connections.  SB connectors feature a rugged one piece plastic housing using stainless steel springs to retain the contacts and create the “contact force” that provides extremely low resistance enabling greater electrical efficiency. The SB connectors are also genderless (flip one 180 degrees and they will mate to each other) reducing the customer’s bill of materials and providing greater economies of scale when purchasing. The SB series of connectors range in size from SB 50 to the SB 350. Each family size offers color-coded, mechanically keyed housings designed to prevent both visually and physically cross-mating devices with different voltages. All the connectors are UL rated to 600 volts so the keys and colors are just identifiers to prevent accidents. Contacts are traditionally silver plated to minimize electrical resistance while offering supreme durability and reliability. Popular SB applications include: Electrical Testing Equipment, Commercial Trucking Charger, Automatic Guided Vehicles, UPS, Material Handling, Motive Power and Electric Vehicles.


Commercial & Industrial

From high-capacity HVAC systems to autonomous robotics charging, Anderson Power provides the performance and reliability your infrastructure depends upon. Learn more about how we support the Commercial and Industrial industry.

Material Handling

Anderson Power offers a wide array of products suited for Material Handling applications. Products are offered from 25A up to 550A at 600 volts and meets DIN style/Euro 0623-589 and EN1175:2020
standards. Learn more about how we support the Material Handling industry.


Whether it's to charge light-duty lawn equipment at home or a heavy-duty excavator in the field, Anderson Power provides the performance, durability, and weatherproof solutions that support consistent and reliable operation of your equipment. Learn more about how we support the Con Ag industry.

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