Power Clip® Dual Pole

Complete Connector, Dual Pole Power Clip® Connector
  • The Anderson Power Products® Dual PolePower Clip® is designed as a low cost interconnection between two perpendicular power bus bars. The product’s highperformance contacts offer low voltage dropand superior amperage carrying capability.There is no mating connector to the Dual Pole Power Clip® as it accepts a solid .125inches or 3mm thick nickel or gold plated rectangular bus bar tab.The product is often used in "N+1" rectifier, power supply and switching power supplyapplications. The Dual Pole Power Clip®'sdesign enables the connector to be blindmated in the deepest racks.The Dual Pole design allows for mating to atwo pole laminated bus bar or double sidedPSB tab. This will allow for feed and returnwith one single socket.The Dual Pole Power Clip® is recognized toUL1977 and CSA standard C22.2 and israted for up to 300 amps continuous service.
  • High 300A Current RatingSmall size provides dense power packaging
  • Mates with .125 inches or 3mm flatBus Bar Blade
  • Simplifies construction and lowers cost
  • Blind Mating design allows greater vertical chassis manufacturing tolerances
  • UL and CUR RecognizedProduct safety and electrical performance hasbeen verified to the highest standards
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